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World première in Düsseldorf
The new Caddy1 – more digital, connected, efficient and charismatic than ever before

  • New and innovative: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles now presents the fifth generation of the Caddy with over three million units built
  • Dynamic and likable: re-designed Caddy now based on the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB)
  • Compact outside, enormous inside: the new Caddy Maxi offers room for up to two Euro pallets
  • Efficient and sustainable: TDI engines' nitrogen oxide emissions appreciably reduced via twin dosing
  • Digital and connected: new ‘Innovision Cockpit’ makes Caddy the smart phone of the segment
  • Safer and easier to drive: 19 new or improved driver assistance systems on the new Caddy

Hannover / Düsseldorf, 21 February 2020 – It wins plaudits as a van, family MPV, shuttle and camper with limitless versatility: the Caddy. To date over three million have been built, and now, as a world première, VWCV is revealing the progressive, fifth generation of the Caddy. Every detail from the ground up is new, as for the first time the best seller is now based on the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB). Thanks to the MQB, new high-end technologies now find their way into the range. Innovative driver assistance systems enhance safety and make driving easier; networked infotainment and digitalised control systems turn the Caddy into a smartphone on wheels; a new twin dosing technique makes the TDI engines cleaner than ever before. The exterior has been given a completely new and strikingly sporty design. At the same time the space in the interior has also been significantly improved. The Caddy is an all-rounder, the Swiss Army knife of urban delivery vans and family MPVs.

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